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Bujinkan Kagami Dojo teaches tradititional martial arts with an emphasis on self protection and refining one's character using the seven traits of warriorship.


Instruction in traditional weaponry and meditation is also given.


Classes are open to men and women over 18. Beginners and the more experienced martial artists are very welcome to train.


Conducted in a courteous traditional atmosphere with mats, regular grading opportunities are also offered for those who wish to take part.


We are an active member of the worldwide Bujinkan organisation, which is headed by Grandmaster Dr Masaaki Hatsumi from the Hombu Dojo (headquarters) in Japan.


Students are taught to foster an unproblematic and harmonious mental approach to compliment the fighting techniques that we study.


There are no competitions, just the study of this very effective warrior art for self protection and self-development.

To book your place, please contact us on 07968842448 or email

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